5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out When You Feel Unmotivated

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How to motivate yourself to workout when you don't feel like it!
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We all know what the many benefits of exercise are, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to find the motivation to do it. If you need a little extra shove to stop procrastinating and start moving try a couple of the tips below.

Lay out your gym clothes the night before

Okay, this might seem silly at first, but a visual reminder of seeing your workout clothes the night before will make you feel motivated and empowered to put those things on and get it done the next day. If you normally fit your exercise in after work, take your workout bag with you so you don’t have the excuse of going home. Also, when we plan the night before, our subconscious mind gets to work and starts preparing for how this is going to look and how it’s going to get done. Added bonus if you have super cute workout gear that you like to color co-ordinate. It gets you a little more enthusiastic to get into it and motivates you to stick to the commitment you made.

Try a group fitness class

Most of us are social creatures, and doing things in a group is just more fun! Also, once you get into the routine, you start to look forward to seeing the instructor and other people in the class. A weekly group becomes your silent accountability partners, and people notice when a class regular doesn’t show up.  The energy of the group also keeps you going in the moments that I want to quit. Lol!  You never want to be the person who drops out and leaves early. You’ll probably find that you do so much more

than you would if you were working out on you own and trying things that you might not have thought of otherwise.

Pick a workout routine you love

This one is pretty simple; if you really hate doing it, you’re just never going to. Whatever you do to stay fit, whether it’s running, yoga, pilates or rock climbing, make it something you’ll look forward to doing and actually kind of crave a bit. You’ll find if you skip a session you’re really going to miss it, and it makes you doubly motivated the next day.

Trick yourself into going

Yup! You read that one right! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself that I only have to go to the gym for 20 minutes and then I can go home.  Or “just show up for yoga class and stay in child’s pose for 75 minutes.” Ya.. right… never works out like that! Once I get there, the blood starts pumping, other people are around, AND I’ve given myself pre-permission to leave, I get competitive – with myself. I know a lot of people who use this little trick on the really tough days, and yes, we all still fall for it!

Create a killer playlist

Nothing is as inspiring as your favorite tunes. According to the American Psychological Association “Listening to music while exercising doesn’t just relieve boredom — it can help improve the quality of your workout by increasing your stamina and putting you in a better mood.”  When it comes to motivational workout music, everyone likes something a little different. I know some people who love to hit the bike listening to salsa and others who push iron to a soundtrack of gangster rap. Find whatever it is that’s going to get you moving and bust out the Spotify!

Try these tips and motivation will pretty much take care of itself. And every day you’re able to hit your workout goal pushes you a little farther along.

Featured Image by bruce mars on Unsplash

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