8 Things You Can Do Today to Make Changes Easier

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8 Things You Can Do Today to Make Life Changes Easier. You can change your life!
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So often you hear people talk about wanting their lives to change, and you may have even felt this a number of times. But do you really want to change? Most people don’t; we like ourselves just the way we are. And change is hard! It is uncomfortable, scary and laden with uncertainty.  We usually want our spouses to change, our bosses to change, our jobs to change, our finances, our weight, the weather, and life in general. That would be way easier! 

But until we are committed to changing ourselves, our habits, beliefs and behaviors, outside circumstances seldom do. The real kicker is changing ourselves is the only thing we have any control over, and the only hope that the change that does take place will be to our liking.

Here are a few simple steps to help make the changes in your life smoother, easier and more fun

One Thing at a Time

Whenever possible, initiate changes in only one area of your life at a time. Taking on too much is a quick road to overwhelm.

Baby Steps

When changing any area of your life, begin by making the most minimal change necessary to move you towards your goal. Break big changes down into a series of small steps that you can implement one at a time.

Bring on the Self-Care

Take extra good care of yourself at this time. Even positive change can be stressful, so be sure to get plenty of rest, eat well, exercise regularly, and show yourself more than the normal amount of understanding and compassion.

Plan. Plan. Plan. 

New situations, combined with uncertainty or pressure can lead us into reactive thinking and poor decision making. Plan for the worst, but fully expect the best!

Timing is Everything

Whenever possible, time your changes when there is a natural lull in life. Holiday seasons or other busy times are packed full enough, and additional strain can easily push patience to the limits.

Stick to a routine. 

When things are changing it is important to stay connected to that part of your life that remains unchanged. This will help nurture feelings of stability, calm and overall well-being.

Follow Through

Once you have initiated a change, follow through. Backing out and starting over again can make you feel like a failure. it undermines confidence that this is really possible and worthwhile.

Look for Support

Friends, coaches, therapists, community groups and even supportive and involved Facebook groups can provide guidance or expert advice and resources. Trying to do it alone makes it harder when you hit that inevitable sticking point.

People who are good at change tend to always come out on top, because they are able to adjust quickly to life. Ask yourself daily; “Where am I now? Where do I want to be? And how am I going to get there?”, and then begin to take the steps to initiate change, and to make it happen.

Try saying to yourself everyday, “I am willing to change.” Notice what feelings come up inside you. Excitement? Anticipation? Fear? Reluctance? Joy? Whatever they are, they are just feelings, and feelings themselves are meant to change, so we start the whole cycle again. 

Change is a natural part of life and has been with you from day one and is going to keep going, so you might as well get on board and make the changes you like!

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