Do you ever feel like you just want more out of your life?

Like it’s all hustle and hassle and not enough feel good? Maybe you’re running around, working long hours, and still not getting any closer to that life you imagined for yourself?

You’re ready, to finally start doing what you love and living your dream….

Welcome to Dreaming Barefoot!

Dreaming Barefoot is a resource for everyone who aspires to live life well. A life that includes going for dreams – knowing what to do and how to create them, having financial freedom and security, a happy home and a healthy mind and body. It’s to inspire you to pursue your passions on the path to creating the best version of yourself possible. Consider this your go-to guide for creating a life you truly love!

from Aunty Flo’s Dream Dictionary…   

“Dreaming of being barefoot indicates that you are currently looking for a new ground, to ground yourself in something more reliable. You are looking for novelty that can bring you lots of joy and comfort. This dream is a positive omen that predicts something good will come your way and that this will change your life.”

But who am I?

Hunter Phoenix, Actress, Blogger, Barefoot Dreamer. Find more on Pinterest!

Hi! My name is Hunter… the often barefoot, perpetual dreamer and relentless doer and pursuer of a life better lived.

I’ve spent the last 15 years working in the entertainment industry, primarily on-camera. as an actress and model.

Sounds dreamy, huh? 

Not really. There were many long, lonely nights by myself … because my travel schedule wasn’t conducive to relationships. Amazing trips to foreign countries…. with no one around me who spoke English or to share the memories with. 

Work was often feast or famine, working day and night and the suddenly…nothing! Panic would set in about where the next paycheck was coming from and then there was the harder work, with long hours to find the next job or booking.

I was spinning my wheels and felt like I had no control. And then I discovered the self-help industry, energy healing, spiritual therapies and life coaching. This changed my life.

The spiritual and energetic work gave me the deep connection, peace and body I had always wanted. Life coaching gave me the tools to make things happen!

This is what I’m sharing with you. My joy, peace, gratitude, dreams, healthy living addiction, financial freedom obsession, kick-ass attitude, and get it done mentality. Plus the tools for all of the above.

My life is not perfect, it’s not complete. But it’s better, it’s growing and yes a living dream. And honestly, yes, sometimes still a scary one. But it’s mine and better than part of me ever thought possible.


Life coaching (and yes, I’m certified) has taught me so much. It has given me the practical skills and tools to deal with life, stay motivated and get sh*t done!


I’ve always been “good with money”, but have also had my fair share of self-imposed disasters from a bad decisions or misinformation; I’ve studied and learned how to do better.


Health, fitness and beauty have been my life-long obsession from as young as I can remember. “Your body always get’s the final say.” And it’s what carries you through this world. 

This is what I want to share with you! My passions, my knowledge and how to live your life better, easier and more beautifully…. following your dreams.

Dreaming Barefoot is where I will always be in my heart; that girl who hated to have shoes on so her feet could feel the clouds.

I want to help you to…..

  • Have more control of your thoughts, your decisions and your life
  • Master money and finances so you will always have peace, stability and freedom
  • Live as beautifully outside as you feel inside with a healthy happy home, body and soul

This is your time!

You truly deserve to live a life that you love… every single day!

Thank you for stopping by. I’m so glad you are here!

xo Hunter