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Hey There! There are so many resources out there, but these are my top picks and favs at the moment and I will be updating this list regularly, so be sure to check back often!

The best apps and online at home workouts! Stay fit and healthy, lose weight with body weight workouts
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To say we’re all spending a  lot more time at home these days is an understatement. The coronavirus outbreak is keeping much of the world’s population safely tucked away at home and that means millions in the U.S. alone.  As state-wide lockdown orders close all nonessential businesses, many of us are missing our usual gym and yoga fixes, and even parks, beaches and hiking trail are off-limits in a number of states.

Sitting in close proximity to the refrigerator most of the day and with not much else to do, the challenge is not only to stay home and stay safe, but do we come out of this fit or fat?

 Switching to a home workout routine isn’t all that easy if you’re not use to it – it takes space and a lot of motivation! But in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of resources have popped up. Gyms, yoga studios, dance instructors, fitness experts, and apps are doing their part to keep us occupied, keep us moving and to help us stay in shape. Establishing a workout routine can help give some normalcy back to life, give the days a little structure, and could most importantly ease some of the anxiety related to coping with a global pandemic.

Staying healthy and in shape while quarantined may be challenging, but its totally doable! Even if you have a small space and no equipment there’s a lot of great options to help you exercise while you stay at home. 

Get the best fitness apps! Find  a workout you love to do from home.
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Fitness Apps & TV


Normally $13 a month with an initial 30 day free trial, Peleton is now offering a 90 Day FREE trial. Try everything from 5 minute meditations to 45 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) , dance classes, yoga, cardio, abs, bootcamp, strength training, meditation and more. They have easy-to-follow and high-quality videos and also audio-only classes for outdoor runs, if that’s still an option for you. 

Download the app and take it on your social distancing walk (if you can still get outside) or stream it through Apple TV or Fire TV.  I’m really impressed and amazed at what they are offering…. I thought it was all bike and treadmill – not so! 

CorePower Yoga

Like many yoga studios, CorePower shut down its studios due to the outbreak and pivoted to online-only options. New classes are added weekly, including sculpt, (and I hear those ones really hurt the next day!), yoga and meditation. Check out some of their free videos here or of course subscribe for a yearly membership to their full library and range of classes. 


Echelon is similar to Peleton in that the also have workouts specifically to connect to their bikes, smart rowers and mirrors. (yes! That really cool workout mirror you see advertised everywhere!) They also offer a wide variety of live and on-demand classes including yoga, dance, core, pilates and more. Sign up for a free 90 day trial  and keep your body moving! 


You’ve probably heard of Beachbody by now. This is not what you might expect – there are no buff-bikini-bunnies touting the latest booty booster, but rather pretty hardcore, kick-butt workouts! Their motto: “Crush Calories, Build Strength and Get Shredded”. Their primary focus is on the app content, available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku and more, but their YouTube channel does have great advice on how to do your workouts correctly, safely and maintaining form.

They have tons of videos to show you step by step the correct way to go about key moves like squats, push-ups and bear crawls. ( and yup! I had never heard of a bear crawl! ) Form is always important when working out, both to avoid injury and achieve maximum benefit from what you are doing, but it helps to pay extra attention to this at home when you don’t have a group fitness instructor to spot you and correct misalignments.  BeachBody YouTube

Do yoga at home! Find the best online workouts for body weight only fitness.
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Best YouTube Channels for  at Home Workouts


Cassey Ho, the fitness goddess behind the wildly popular Blogilates YouTube channel and website has a refreshingly “normal person” outlook working out. Her channel is full of target-specific workouts, for FREE, and the website offers a massive library of pilates-style toning classes, easy recipes and printable fitness planners. 

To help people out during the outbreak, she also created a 14-day quarantine workout plan with a great free printable schedule you can download. This is an amazing option if you want to add a little structure and routine to your life right now and stay on track with your at-home workout schedule. Blogilates YouTube

Fitness Blender

Fitness blender is great when you hit those days that you really need a full on push of motivation just to get going! Again, there is both a website and a YouTube channel and both are packed with FREE workout videos targeting specific areas and of course a paid option as well.

This is another amazing resource for a wide variety of workouts, tailored to different body areas and videos of different lengths. The HIIT workouts are usually 30 minutes or less, they’re not repetitive, and yes, you will definitely feel the burn!

If you are wanting  If you are a hardcore fitness buff and really want to push yourself, Fitness Blender is definitely the place to look. Fitness Blender Youtube

PopSugar Fitness

Did you know PopSugar had a fitness channel? Nope! Me neither until recently. One of the things that really sets PopSugar apart in this space is their dance-based workouts. Much like their name, everything is fun and inspirational, intended to get your body moving in a way you enjoy, and not so much about the burn and the hardcore shred. There is lots of cardio here, and every workout is guaranteed to get you moving, sweating and feeling great! They also offer some amazing kickboxing cardio too! They don’t get too fast right away so your body has time to warm up. You get a slower walk through of all the moves and are guided the whole time. This is really an awesome resource for the absolute beginner or anyone who just wants to move a bit and have a little fun! It’s easy enough to follow along so you always feel like a workout goddess no matter what your level.  PopSugar Fit Youtube

Instagram Workouts


Wonderful Wanderlust Yoga is doing their part to bring the global community together and keep us all moving.At the beginning of April they launched their  “Mats Down Daily: Global Classes Online”.  These are FREE online classes daily via Instagram LIVE. They are hosted by teachers around the globe so sessions are at all hours of the day and night, and include both yoga and meditation classes. Check out their full line up here 

Staying in shape at home doesn’t have to be a chore. Pick a few of your faves, and find out what works for you! Be sure to check back regularly as I’ll be updating this list often.

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Find the best online workouts to exercise at home.

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