23 Easy To Follow Habits To Improve Your Life Immediately

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Life hacks for changing your life. 23 wellness habits to live better!
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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

One thing we share as human beings, is that we all have dreams, goals and plans. There is a collective desire to live a better life, to excel beyond our current limits and evolve as a whole. But a goal is just making a decision on the destination; it’s the action steps, then habits that are going to get you there.

Habits can seem fairly small; they are simple shifts you make in your day to day life. They create change that is sustainable with the added bonus of consistency, feelings of accomplishment and security. They pull you forward instead of pushing and trying to do it solely with willpower and determination making it much more likely that they’ll stick and you succeed.

Here are 23 Life Changing Habits for you to try out. Pick just 1 or 2 at a time, commit to them and master them for at least 21 days and then add on. Trust your gut – it’ll be the right choice for you.  xo Hunter

  1. Finish what you started – that included closing browser windows
  2. Move your body regularly and consistently
  3. Get enough sleep – seriously! It’s healing
  4. Have a morning routine that sets you up for the best possible day
  5. Plan your day the night before – always
  6. Get organized and stay organized – you know that mess that I’m talking about!
  7. Get rid of what no longer serves you and do this regularly.
  8. Meditate, pray or journal daily – reconnect with your inner voice and your soul.
  9. Nourish your body with healthy foods… remember food is fuel
  10. Be honest with you. Tell the truth, to yourself about yourself.
  11. Don’t be mean to you! Especially when applying the habit above
  12. Give regularly in a way that feels good to you – it keeps your heart open and connected to others
  13. Invest money and save money every month. If you don’t know how, get some advice and help on this.
  14. Look at the numbers at least weekly and monthly
  15. Get up earlier – even 10 minutes every weekday. That’s almost 3.5 extra work hours per month.
  16. Work in 20 minute intervals (read more on the Pomordoro Technique)
  17. Stretch hourly – your body will love you for it and it gets fresh blood and oxygen to your brain too
  18. Stop multi-tasking and adopt Single Tasking – the focus is far more effective
  19. Stop blaming yourself – just stop. Treat yourself like someone you really love.
  20. Seek out people who inspire you… always. They’ll move your life forward.
  21. Feed your soul – whatever that means to your… you know
  22. Schedule everything. Seriously. It get’s done and gets you realistic about the time required
  23. Pursue at least one passion

*Bonus: Floss Daily, Do some Squats and Don’t let anyone be mean to you!

23 Habits to Change Your Life

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