42 Ways to Cultivate Courage in Uncertain Times

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How to be more courageous when you are feeling scared. Be brave in uncertain times
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The beginning of any new year brings with it hope, promise and optimism. This year, that was short lived as the humans in every area of the globe began to feel the effects of COVID-19.

Collectively, we all felt our New Year’s optimism fade fast. But consider for a moment that maybe this year we are really being called to rise up and fight for our dreams! To acknowledge that it takes more to achieve them than enthusiasm and turning a page on the calendar. I still believe that this year can be remarkable! But it’s going to take more than just hard work and dedication; it’s also going to require an immense amount of courage.

Courage is often left out of the equation when we’re dreaming up our plans for a new year ahead. We turn first to hard work, motivation, pushing more, doing more in hopes of being and having more. But sooner or later we hit the proverbial brick wall. We often call it procrastination or take it to mean that just one more time we are not good enough and things are not working out. We use this as an excuse to beat ourselves up for not being more dedicated, hard working or just generally a better person. But what if all it took was a little bit of courage?

If you need help cultivating courage in your life right now, take a look at the list below. Pick what speaks to you the most, scares you the most, the one thing you need to do right now, or maybe the only thing you can do right now. It’s just one brave step. That’s how courage starts!

42 Ways to Cultivate Courage in Uncertain Times

  1. Remember what you love about yourself
  2. Remember what you love about your partner, your family, or that really annoying friend
  3. Take that first step
  4. Sign up for something new
  5. Use your voice
  6. Set a boundary
  7. Start a blog
  8. Smile at a stranger…. daily. 
  9. Make the call
  10. Say Yes. Yes! YES!
  11. Say No. And mean it. No.
  12. Give someone a gift they can’t repay right now, maybe ever
  13. Share your time
  14. Take a LEAP of faith
  15. Look at the numbers
  16. Ask for help
  17. Face the problem
  18. Say goodbye if you need to
  19. Invite someone 
  20. Go on a date – even virtual or a friend date
  21. Keep an open heart
  22. Be Outrageously Playful
  23. Be Outrageously Kind
  24. Give Someone a Compliment
  25. Acknowledge Yourself Again… and Again… and Again
  26. Tell someone how much they mean to you
  27. Write the Email
  28. Write the Book
  29. Commit to the project
  30. Commit to the person
  31. Throw a party!
  32. Surprise a friend
  33. Move
  34. Stay
  35. Sell it all
  36. Buy that one thing…
  37. Let go of that one thing…
  38. Savor the silence
  39. Love out loud!
  40. Try something new together
  41. Explore something new alone
  42. Just Decide.
42 Ways to Cultivate Courage in Uncertain Times

Go ahead… you can do it. I’m here and I’m rooting for you!

Xo Hunter

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