10 Money-Making Side Hustles You Can Do From Home

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10 money making side hustles you can do from home! Earn extra money and pay off your debt faster!
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Side hustle. Side job. Freelance gig. No matter what you call it, pretty much everyone I know is looking for one of these right now. 

Side hustles are a great  for so many reasons; they give you an additional source of income outside of your full time job, and can allow you to pay off debt sooner,   put money aside for emergencies or build your investment account.

As we move more and more towards a gig economy, there are a far greater number of viable options to make decent money with a flexible schedule. No, this isn’t another article telling you to take online surveys for $5/ hour

or watching a seemingly endless stream of random videos for less than 1¢ each. (Yes, really. No, that’s not a typo). I’m talking about real money and practical options, where you can keep your dignity in tact. Most of these jobs can be done either full time or part time, you get to work from home, and  best of all, you get to decide on what terms you make money.

So here are some of the most in-demand, part time jobs that you can do from home in 2020.

1. Test Websites and Give Feedback

Yes, big companies don’t go randomly launching new platforms. After careful design, websites often go through several phases of testing before going live, or even just after. Why not click through websites and get paid for it?

Some of the companies that do this are usertesting.com, useranalytics.com and userbrain.com. Sign up for an account with each of them and yes, one more way you can earn extra cash from your sofa.

2. Read, Check and Correct as a Proofreader

If you have a sharp eye for detail and a passion for grammar and spell checking proof reading is a great way to put those exceptional skills to work and earn an income from doing it.  Being a proofreader doesn’t require any special training to get started other than a relentless attention to details. It can be learned and self-taught pretty quickly, and like other things on this list there are a number of online agencies that hire for this or provide job postings.

3. Offer Consulting Services

Are you skilled or have experience in any particular area? Why not offer Consulting Services?  Maybe you’re really good at online marketing, or influencer marketing; consider giving advice and developing strategies on how a particular business can do this instead of doing the actual work for the clients. 

You go in and offer ideas and inspiration, point out their strengths and their weak spots and as a higher tier of service, lay out a detailed plan. The clients take the info and run with it, and are the ones responsible for all of the implementation and content creation. I did this with a doctor friend of mine and she ended up getting a TV spot just a couple of months later…. and I was well compensated!

4. Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual Assistant jobs have taken off  because so many other people are working from home with online businesses and they truly need the help! VA’s as they’re called or GVA’s – General Virtual Assistants, may take on any number of tasks, and I’m sure you must be good at at least a few of these. 

  1. Email Management / Filtering
  2. Booking appointments with clients
  3. Following up with clients/customers (sending thank you and other reminder emails)
  4. Receptionist duties (answering or responding to occasional phone calls)
  5. File Management (organizing files using Dropbox, OneDrive etc)
  6. Database Management, especially updating email contacts or other contact lists in CRM
  7. Preparing Slideshows / Powerpoint Presentations
  8. Publish WordPress blog posts or other content that has been provided
  9. Managing a WordPress blog including filtering and replying to comments or other general maintenance (obviously basic WordPress proficiency is needed for this)
  10. Transcription – if you’re a  super fast typist, and hint: many musicians are!  (it’s a manual dexterity thing) Why not transcribe videos, podcasts, tele-seminars or any other audio or video content being used by online marketers.
  11. Answering support tickets for a larger online web business with the use of Zendesk

Bonus: there are a number of online agencies for VA’s. There are 16 listed here, but of course be sure to do your own research as well

NOTE: GVA’s generally don’t handle tasks that would be taken care of by other types of virtual staff, such as web development and programming, graphic design, video and audio editing, content writing and SEO tasks.

5. Become a Social Media Manager for Small Businesses

If you are killer good and crazy about Social Media, people are willing to pay for this!  Lots of times a Social Media Manager will start off as a VA and expand into that being a dedicated position.  As your clients’ businesses expands, so does their need for consistent social media content and management, someone who can keep up with social media trends.

You’ll probably manage all of your clients’ social media accounts, so it pays to be well versed across the board, and to be able to make recommendation to your clients as to where they should be focusing their efforts to get the most bang for the buck. Trust me – if you can do this well they’ll love you for it.

You may even be asked to help with other online marketing such as email marketing, SEO Writing or Blog Planning if you’re up to the challenge. When you start out, offer basic services such as social media posting and scheduling. Once you have a little more experience, add on more tasks and tier your prices accordingly.

IDEAS: Look around at your local coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, and other small businesses to see whose social media could use a boost. Come up with a couple of social media packages that can be as simple as teaching them how to use it, to as hands-on as completely running it for them. Then pitch these packages to the local small businesses around you!

Before searching for jobs as a SMM, do a little bit of research and see how the pricing is structured. Consider creating a couple of tiered packages with monthly pricing. This way, you’ll have a steady flow of income and know exactly how much money you can expect to make each month. And of course, figure out payment terms and how you’re going to work that as well.

Bonus: If you get super busy with your Social Media Management side hustle, start outsourcing to other VAs who can help you with the bulk of the work.

6. Track Other People’s Money as a Virtual Bookkeeper

Got a thing for money and numbers? Are you freakishly organized? Do you possess even basic accounting skills? Put those A-Type qualities to use as a side hustle. There are a lot of small businesses and e-commerce retailers that need help with the basics of their accounting. Even counsellors, therapists, life coaches and other online consultants have to track the sales and receipts, and many don’t have the time or inclination to do this.  

Bookkeepers generally don’t require the same level of training as an accountant, but you should be good with basic financial software and spreadsheets.

7. Be a Customer Service Representative

Not feeling terribly entrepreneurial? Or just don’t have the extra energy to chase down jobs? I get it! Customer service is a field where more and more companies are hiring people to work from home. Courier companies, car rental agencies and travel services do this frequently, 

Check out agencies like LiveOps which will pair you with companies that allow their customer service reps to work remotely.

8. Teach Something Online

Yes, this is a real thing and it is on the rise! Are you an awesome guitar player? Have you had musical theatre or singing training? Maybe you speak Spanish? These are all things that you can teach online. There are several companies out there that offer video platforms / classrooms, and handle the marketing and payment, you just have to list your services. One of my favs is Lessons.combut do your research for a few more. 

Some other popular online lessons are piano lessons, violin lessons … or any other musical instrument or language. I’ve even seen cooking and sewing lessons offered online. Get creative! I’m sure there is some special skill you have that someone else would really like to know.

9. Become an Online Language Tutor and/or Conversation Partner

This is one that I really love for people who often love to talk and connect with people and who tend to have great language skills. There are people all over the world, and I mean LOTS of people, who are eager to learn English or even practice speaking English with a native English speaker. This is a very cool way to connect with people of different cultures from all over the planet.

Again, you can check out websites like iTalki.com  wyzant.com or preply.com who will pair you with people across the globe who want to learn English strictly online. And if you speak other languages fluently too, all the better.

10. Put Your Photoshop and Canva Skills to Work as a Graphic Designer

If you are really good at graphic design, and many creatives are, consider using this talent for something other than your own promo materials or online content. Again, this is something you can pitch to small, local businesses, and most of them will probably be grateful for the help.

Use tools like Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Spark and PicMonkey to create the materials needed for the jobs you get. You could also create your own specific designs and sell them online through sites such as Etsy or Creative Market that already have millions of daily buyers. Graphic design materials are in high demand by bloggers, influencers and other digital marketers. Whether it be stock photos, info-graphics, blank workbooks, document templates or social media templates, the possibilities are endless.

Earning A Regular Income Every Month

Remember, the key to earning a consistent income every month is by being consistent in your efforts and having retainer packages with clients whenever you can. Try to avoid the single, hourly paid jobs because you are always chasing the next one, and it’s tough to gauge how much work you will actually get week to week. Also, individual or low paying clients can be a little more hands-on and difficult to deal with.

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